I greatly enjoyed Dark Journey, primarily because it was reminiscent of some of my favorite films, such as ROSEMARY’S BABY and THE SEVENTH SIGN. The film has wonderful production values and I think the idea of a “ possession” film set in London is unique and intriguing. In addition, the lead actress Tiffany Mulheron may be one of the most beautiful women I’ve laid my eyes on. It was truly my pleasure viewing the film since it recalled some of my favorite genre movies. I think the producer has put together a great feature with the right casting, writing and directing elements..

Ari Silber
Sales Executive and Creative Director at Trillian Entertainment, a subsidiary of Media 8 Entertainment

The film is well structured and contains many beautifully filmed scenes.

Kelly earned my sympathy (empathy too) and remained believable to the end. I felt she carried her role well and should win over men and women alike

Scenes are well thought out and much of the narrative is conveyed through imagery rather than direct exposition.

The (very good) music enhances the story without competing against or distracting from the dialogue & imagery.

Shots are well composed and lit and have been kept to an appropriate length, neither crushed like an advert nor stretched into languid indulgence. Cutaways to crows and scurrying clouds tell me dark deeds are afoot. Kelly’s forlorn gaze at gravestones conveys more about her mood than any heart to heart outpouring or voice over.

G. Alexander, Edinburgh, Scotland

Dark Journey is best described as a realist fantasy.
Dark Journey at times steers towards the territory of Don’t Look Now and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which is when it really sparkles…..
Kelly is both charming and ignorant, and desperately clings to her sense of self in a world she doesn’t fully comprehend…
The loss of identity is a powerful fear, and the most effective horror in the film….
Paranoia and self-loathing take hold of the innocent American girl, so far out of her comfort zone….
Dark Journey is a lot more tense and effective in a horror sense….
The character of David is particularly intriguing, because he is so mysterious; it’s impossible to work out whether he is genuinely interested in making Kelly a fashion model, or whether he’s just a slimy villain….

Gorilla Film Magazine

I am happy to say I enjoyed the movie very much.The opening really set the mood with that gorgeous sky and great music score.Being an Audio/Video technician myself, the 2 roadies at the beginning had me in stitches.

Tiffany is great both as an actress and beauty. Tiffany Mulheron will enchant you…
I first saw Tiffany Mulheron in Vampire Killers. I was “bit” by her beauty.So doing a search for her on IMDb, found this movie Dark Journey.
Well I got my own Journey in trying to get the video to view the film. But thanks from the nice and helpful movie creators, I finally got to buy and download the movie. It was worth it! I am a fan of horror movies of all kind. Suspense, slasher, gore, comedic horror etc
This movie has no horrific, gory scenes for those who just want to see blood splatter. What it does have is a great music score that brings you on a “Journey” in London following the life of a VERY HOT girl who goes there to make it in the music industry… Tiffany Mulheron is as gorgeous as it gets and you can’t help but feel for her as she falls in deeper despair as the movie goes along. She is a UK girl but does a convincing acting job as an American. The London scenery in the movie are not the usual touristy ones. You get the sense you are in the “real” city as a local. I recommend this movie for those who enjoy mild suspense drama with a dash of dark ambiance. And fans of stunningly beautiful leading ladies.

Pierre Dupuy,  Montreal,  Canada

Dark Journey fan

I discovered Dark Journey from a user-list on IMDB of independent horror films. I enjoy
horrors that focus on more of a psychological aspect instead of the weird creature/serial-killer tropes, so I thought I would give the film a watch.
As it was a blind-viewing, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was set in the U.K. As a resident myself, it’s always nice to see it represented outside of twee rom-coms and spy movies.
Tiffany Mulheron did a good job acting as Kelly, and gelled well with her co-stars as well.
Obviously with a lower budget, there would have been more you wanted to do, but the film still holds itself up in its own right and does also follow the British tradition of films and shows like Tales Of The Unexpected by not having everything completely tied up by the story’s end, leaving things a little open to interpretation, such as Kelly’s fate.
Alec Norton, UK

There you are, you have arrived in London to begin a new life.

The path you thought you were on vanishes and is immediately replaced by another, potentially equally good.

London is a city filled with history, as everyone knows, but you discover it has another, less documented, side.

The wonderful, friendly and helpful people have something to show you, something you do not see until the very end.

Put yourself in Kelly’s (Tiffany Mulheron’s) shoes as she embarks upon her “Dark Journey”.

The film leads the viewer into the mind of Kelly the young singer as she undergoes torment and transformation.

Many people go through such experiences when they arrive, alone, in a strange city, but rarely does real life go quite as far as this.

Or does it?

Dark Journey fan