Tiffany Mulheron   


Tiffany Mulheron in Dark Journey Tiffany Mulheron in Dark Journey Tiffany Mulheron as Kelly dancing in the mirror in Dark Journey



Tiffany Mulheron puts on an excellent performance as Kelly the American alone in London looking forward to her new career. 

In "Dark Journey" Tiffany demonstrates her versatility as an actress, transforming herself from charming newcomer to seasoned, stylised fashion-vamp. 

A star in her own right, Tiffany has her own fan base having proved highly popular in Hollyoaks. 

Producer C. L. Murray describes casting Tiffany: 

Tiffany was wearing a lot of make-up, she was really dolled up, so I took Tiffany into the Ladies, took off her make-up and applied a really natural look (I am a trained make up artist). Tiffany looked great, more like a girl who could have come from a small town in the U.S. than some 'high maintenance' London model type. James agreed she looked the part and we gave her the role of Kelly. " 


                                                             Jeremy Stephens   

                                                                   Kelly's landlord 

  Jeremy Stephens as Harry in Dark JourneyJeremy Stephens as Harry in Dark Journey


Highly popular with crew and talent alike, Jeremy plays the 'seedy landlord' Harry, also referred to as "Dirty" Harry. He was great fun to work with. 

2012   Dark Journey "dirty" Harry the sleezy landlord 
2008   Lions3 (short) Silver 
2007   Cut (short) Anaesthetist 
2007   Little Black Box (short) Dr Burns 
2006   Cut Sleeve Boys Sashay Boudoir Punter 
2004   Letters of Service (short) Patient 
1993   The Bill (TV series) Jury Member 
1993   Out of Court Jury member


  Melissa Osborne  


picture of Melissa Osborn Melissa Osborn as Kate Melissa Osborn in Dark Journey


An actress, producer, writer, entrepreneur, Melissa studied at Queen Mary's (English & Drama) worked at a small satellite channel, then started a TV company to create niche interactive TV platforms.


Melissa was inspired to create Stand Up Drama in an acting class at the Actors Centre when she learned a brilliant actor couldn't get an agent. She launched Stand Up Drama and London Bites. The actor performed in her first show and now works as an actor in New York

Stand Up Drama and Actors Platform have been Melissa' passion since 2005. 

In Dark Journey Melissa plays the friendly neighbour who takes Kelly under her wing in her time of need, however, things (or rather, people) are not always everything they seem.   


  Jason Ebelthite   

David "the hero" who promises Kelly a new life 

Jason Ebelthite image Jason Ebelthite as David strolling with Kelly through Regents Park, London Jason Ebelthite as David


David meets Kelly in her hour of need and provides more than just a shoulder to cry on, the question is whether he will be the one who saves the day and restores order or will he leave Kelly to her fate? 

Jason Ebelthite (Actor Director Writer) trained at the Webber Douglas Academy in London whose alumni include Matthew Goode, Hugh Bonneville, Minnie Driver and Rupert Friend. 


Actor (7 titles) 
2012   Dark Journey   David 
2010   The Honeytrap (short)   Luc 
2008   Trial & Retribution (TV series)   Estate Agent 
2008   The Rules of the Game: Part 1   Estate Agent 
2007   Saxondale   (TV series)   Episode #2.1   Rock Guitarist (uncredited) 
2007   Call Me Harry   (short)   Solicitor 
2005   Love Soup   (TV series): 
2005   Death and Nurses   Mr. Tilsley (uncredited) 
2005   What's Up with Adam? (short)   Toby 

Director   (2 titles) 
2010   The Honeytrap   (short) 
2007   Call Me Harry   (short) 

Writer   (2 titles) 
2010   The Honeytrap   (short) 
2007   Call Me Harry   (short) 



  Rebecca Pitkin & Jessica Timms   

such charming smiles and friendly conversation 

 Jessica Timms and Rebecca Pitkin in Dark Journey

When Kelly discovers her neighbours are open, kindly and willing to party it seems her troubles are at last drawing to a close. Her new life is taking shape even if not in the direction originally envisioned.


Rebecca Pitkin 

2012   Dying and Other Superpowers (short) Ellie 
2012   Solito   Sensual Girl 
2010   Red Balloon (short) Girl on film 
2009   The Spell   Jenny *star role
2006   Psychic Private Eyes   (TV series)   Episode: Who Murdered Florrie Porter?   Florrie Porter 
2006   When Evil Calls (TV mini-series)   Laura 
2006   The Red and the Black (short)


  Giselle Bowyer   

The "Girl Next Door"

Giselle Bowyer as Jenna the friendly neighbour Giselle Bowyer in the newspaper Giselle Bowyer in Dark Journey


Giselle Bowyer plays the part of Jenna, a charming neighbour who quickly makes friends with Kelly. Sadly, she becomes the victim of the malevolent forces. Kelly sets out to find her and sees her fate in a nightmare.


Fimography 2009-2010   Gossip Girl (TV series)   Debutante / Student / Wedding Guest 
2010   Goodbye, Columbia   Student (uncredited) 
2010   The Unblairable Lightness of Being   Russian Wedding Guest (uncredited) 
2009   They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?   Debutante (uncredited) 
2009   The Freshmen   NYU Student (uncredited) 
2010   How to Make It in America (TV series)   Fit Student 
2010   Crisp   Fit Student (uncredited)


David Reakes & Daniel Sung   

Would you want these roadies to work for your band?



David Reakes and Daniel Sung as the Roadies in Dark Journey

Filmography:   David Reakes 
2002   D.I.Y. Hard (short)   Policeman


Filmography:   Daniel Sung 
2009   Badinage   Trixie 
2007   Raspberry Ripple (short)   Eric 
2006   The Plague   TinTin 
2005   Beneath the Skin (TV movie)   Despatch Rider 
2002   The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (TV series)   Episode:   For the Sake of Elena   Student in Concert